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La main du rêve, 2013

Suitable for all ages

La main du rêve, 2013

Pascal Grandmaison - Montréal, Canada


By using technology to play with scientific concepts involving time and motion, Pascal Grandmaison turns science into poetry.

His work La main du rêve, a video installation of reversed and slowed footage of un-natural destruction, shows a natural environment reacting to invisible causes. The fluid movement of the camera, the close-up views, the fine detail, the absence of narration, the surreal soundtrack, and the sensuality with which each element is revealed, plunge the spectator into the heart of a suspended natural world that transcends reality.

Pascal Grandmaison, born in 1975, lives and works in Montréal. He has exhibited extensively in Canada and Europe including Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain (Luxembourg), Carleton University Art Gallery (Ottawa), Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Jessica Bradley Art + Projects (Toronto), Galerie René Blouin (Montréal), Galerie Séquence (Chicoutimi), Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), Galerie B-312 and Espace Vox (Montréal), Galerie Georges Verney-Carron and Galerie BF 15 (Lyon, France).


Art Gallery of Ontario - Jackman Hall

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This project is indoors.