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The possibility of everything curated by Dominique Fontaine

By Means of a Sigh (video frame), 2008

Suitable for all ages

With assistance from FQRSC: Fonds Québécois de la recherche sur la société et sur la culture.

With assistance from Hexagram-UQAM.

By Means of a Sigh (À portée de souffle), 2008

Chloé Lefebvre - Montréal, Canada
Jean Dubois - Montréal, Canada

Interactive Installation

By Means of a Sigh is an original aesthetic proposal that engages as much in the physical as well as the virtual with the viewer. Through poetic imagery and cutting-edge technology, the artists evoke the precarious relations between our intimate bubble with the public sphere.

This interactive video installation prompts the viewer to call a number provided and blow into their mobile phone, thereby activating and controlling the breath of two on-screen characters who are blowing chewing gum bubbles. The characters are trying to connect and pulsate together until they reach the capacity of the bubble. The tension builds to a fragile short-lived state and a rupture is imminent.

Chloé Lefebvre has never limited her practice to a single medium — instead she shifts between video, photography, sculpture and installation. Her approach blends wit and irony to express her reflections on the everyday. Jean Dubois produces media installations that explore interpersonal relations in a poetic and critical manner, resulting in encounters between the viewer and characters or environments. Since they have created it together in 2008, By Means of a Sigh has been shown worldwide in several art festivals and museums.


215 Spadina Avenue (Parking lot south of Dark Horse Espresso Bar)

This project is outdoors.