PARADE curated by Patrick Macaulay


Arthur Wrigglesworth - Toronto, Canada
Mohammad Mehdi Ghiyaei - Toronto, Canada
Mojtaba Samimi - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Hybrid Globe, 2013

The sphere with its pure & powerful geometry is at once familiar & strange. It is deployed as an interactive armature for carrying the temporal imaging that will create a dynamic spatial & social experience within the environment of the parade.

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This project aims to capture the ephemeral aspect of the parade within an interactive artifact: a polyhedral sphere with animated colours and images projected onto its surface. The audience actively participates in the creative process; the composition, density and rhythm of changes to the projections are defined by social engagement.

In this parade, the HYBRID GLOBE becomes a public vehicle for the audience to become participants – to socially interact with others or, as Hannah Arendt puts it, to create a place to “appear to others as they appear to me.”

The pure & powerful geometry of the sphere is both familiar & strange. It is deployed here as an armature for carrying the temporal imaging (& imaginings) that will create a spatial & social experience in the environment that will exist amongst the social participants during Nuit Blanche.

Suitable for all ages


Queens Park Crescent East & St. Joseph Street

This project is outdoors.