PARADE curated by Patrick Macaulay

Human Sweat Generator , 2013

Warren Quigley - Ridgeway, Canada

Interactive Installation

Human Sweat Generator (artist rendering), 2013

These hybrid machines, part exercise bike, part bicycle, connected to electrical generators, will power various electronic/electrical systems. The participants complete the work by pedaling.

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Imagine, a time when the source of cheap energy is exhausted, an end of the great machine age. On the bed of a (tractor) trailer this float contains machines of the future, fundamental and modest in their construction and scope. These machines are dependent on human muscle to  produce electricity.

The human- generated electricity will power a multitude of devices, lighting systems, sound systems and projection systems. There will be lit signage, broadcast sound, and projected film. The content of the narrative will be comprised of collected quotes, emergency sirens, original compositions for trumpet, and remembered conversations.

Borrowing from the Theatre of the Absurd, a sensible/nonsensical, but mainly truthful, narrative to disrupt the flow of spectacle will be presented.

Suitable for all ages


Queens Park Crescent East & Wellesley Street West

This project is outdoors.