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Kagame Murray


Kagame Murray - Toronto, Canada


Photo: Kagame Murray

This sculpture is a futuristic presentation involving 400 lbs of poured transparent plastic saturated with 4,000 feet of fibre optic tails. This astonishing work of art has metamorphic lighting qualities.

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This sculptural work is an organic futuristic presentation involving nearly 400 lbs of poured transparent plastic saturated with nearly a mile (4,000 feet) of fibre optic tails. It is a truly unique piece of art with astonishing metamorphic lighting qualities. The piece's arrival to the art world comes through the epiphany of inspiration through dreams and insomnia. The art represents a mnemonic device visualized in abstract form. The artist utilized this device and form several years ago in regards to a theory involving theoretical particle physics/the illusion of linear time and the nature of what we call reality. Simply put, this art piece represents weakly interactive colliding universes and this multiverse interaction manifests itself in our notion of the nature of reality.


Kagame Murray intends to computer program his sculptural artwork THE ILLUSION OF LINEAR TIME in a wide variety of fibre optic lighting spectacles.The 4,000 feet of fibre optics in this large organic transparent furturistic sculpture will metamorph colours in slow motion and at very high speeds throughout the night. Approaching the top of every hour throughout the duration of the evening the sculpture's lighting will become more and more frenetic.

Suitable for all ages


The Four Seasons Hotel, 60 Yorkville Avenue (THE ILLUSION OF LINEAR TIME will be located outside at the front door entrance to The Four Seasons Hotel.)

This project is outdoors.