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Interactive Installation

Light_Scape - Installation Prototype, 2012

This installation relies on user participation to change shape. Users move Velcro covered light cubes across an organic substructure. Each light cube emits a soft pulsing glow, which when accumulated create the illusion of a living organism.

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This tactile installation relies on user interaction to grow organically. Each user contributes to the evolution of the Light_Scape, by altering the appearance of the surface. The Light_Scape consists of individual, easy to handle cubes, each containing a tri-colour LED that cycle through a spectrum of colour. The modular shape of the light cubes allows the user to freely explore limitless configurations and patterns. The cubes and subsurface are covered with Velcro, giving them the strength to defy gravity. The Velcro's fuzzy texture diffuses light and produces a soft pulsing glow, which when accumulated, creates the illusion of a living organism. Light_Scape reflects the social nature of Nuit Blanche as it evolves throughout the night.

Additional support from Ryerson University.
Select materials generously sponsorred by SparkFun Electronics.

Suitable for all ages


Bata Shoe Museum, 327 Bloor Street West (Located on the lower level in the exhibition space, off the atrium.)

This project is indoors.