Independent Projects

Bata Shoe Museum & [R]ed[U]x Lab:

Ad Astra

[R]ed[U]x Lab:
Neveen Abdel-Aal - Designer - Toronto, Canada
Ryan Giuricich - Toronto, Canada
Jamie Kwan - Toronto, Canada
Kevin Pu - Toronto, Canada
Setareh Shams - Toronto, Canada
Helena Skonieczna - Toronto, Canada
Sandra Wojtecki - Toronto, Canada
Marcelle Andree Carneiro - Toronto, Canada

Light Installation

Ad Astra, 2013

Stemming from a human curiosity for what is beyond, the installation takes the idea of ‘reaching toward the stars’ and transforms a space into an immersive and interactive environment, transporting the visitor into the fragile atmosphere of the night sky.

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Sic itur ad astra; ‘thus you shall go to the stars’. Representing a curiosity for what is beyond and cannot be reached, the installation both literally and conceptually takes the idea of ‘reaching toward the stars’ and transforms a small space into an immersive and ever-changing interactive environment. Ambiguously glowing from within the building, visitors are immediately provided the opportunity to experience a surreal infinite environment completely engrossed by illuminated spheres. Encouraged to reach towards the lights, interaction triggers change in luminous intensity and quality, resulting in an atmosphere of quiet serenity and fragility, and transporting the visitor into an artificial night sky.

Suitable for all ages


Bata Shoe Museum, 327 Bloor Street West (Enter through main entrance on Bloor Street West.)

This project is indoors.