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Living Light

Danilo Ursini - Domodossola, Italy

A live installation inspired by Richard Wagner's concept of Gesamtkunstwerk. Incorporating a video projection, dry ice, sound, location, and live performance, this project attempts to achieve the state of a total artistic immersion while documenting the state of perpetual change.

Dundas Square, Acrylic and red nail polish on Canvas, 2011
Photo: Danilo Ursini

Inspired by Gesamtkunstwerk, our interpretation of anthropocene documents the nature of perpetual change. In total artistic immersion, one observes each layer of this continuum and participates in the construction of history as a bystander.

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Taking Richard Wagner’s concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, we offer our interpretation of anthropocene by incorporating video motion, projection, dry ice, city sound, location, live performance, and the audience to document the nature of perpetual change since the industrial revolution. In our attempt at reaching a total artistic immersion, the audience observes each layer in this continuum, participating in the construction of history as a bystander.

Suitable for all ages


600 King Street West (Alleyway adjacent to the east side of the builiding)

This project is outdoors.