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Koffler Gallery of the Koffler Centre of the Arts in partnership with InterAccess

High Holiday Office Hours with the Almighty Creator of the Universe

Evan Tapper

Performance Art, Multimedia Installation, Interactive

This interactive performance offers the timely opportunity to converse with God. Nuit Blanche 2008 falls during the Ten Days of Repentance between Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). According to tradition, on Rosh Hashanah the righteous and the wicked receive their judgment; on Yom Kippur this ruling is sealed. The intermediary days offer a time of introspection and atonement. For one night only, the Almighty Creator of the Universe will set up a heavenly office to receive visitors. Supplicants will sign in with Sheila, God’s secretary. (She hates her job and can not wait to retire.) Also meet Brad, God’s intern. (He is a Communications student, thrilled to be here because it is going to look great on his resume.) Sheila and Brad will assist the public to meet with God, make their case, and atone for their sins.

Suitable for all ages