Zone C Independent Project

Reiss Gallery, 500 College St

Reiss Gallery

The Endless Day in to Night

Vivian Reiss

Visual Art

In Vivian Reiss’ “Endless day into night”, the artist delights in bringing the experience of night out of the dark.

If our perceptions are that night is black, what is it that changes our perceptions to a "Nuit Blanche", a night that is white?

What happens when the perceptions that we usually have during our waking hours are now reflected on what would usually be the hours that we dream?

This exhibition has a dream-like quality, and explores things that come out in the night, like the toys on your bedroom floor that come to life when the lights go out.

Art is all about the space where dreams become real, and reality becomes a forth dimension, somewhere between thoughts and images... Come enter into imagination tonight...

H’orsdeurves prepared by the artist on the theme of Black and White.

Suitable for all ages