Zone C Independent Project

Gallery 1313, 1313A Queen Street West

Julia Abraham at Gallery 1313


Julia Abraham

Visual Art, Painting

Entropy is defined as the inevitable and steady deterioration of a system. The aspect of degeneration is the central premise in my investigations of human memory and is thus the title of the project. I am interested in themes surrounding loss, restoration, and abstracted narrative of memory. The associations of human memory to the landscape and the disintegration of memory are two significant areas of interest within the study. My concern with memory is explored through abstract imagery representing only the very intangible way in which our minds store memories, as well as the incorporation of external materials which act as signifiers to my memory. By representing memory with its many holes and inaccuracies that develop over time, I propose to guide the viewer into uncertain and reconstructed memories, as a sewn and multilayered tapestry.

Suitable for all ages