Zone C Independent Project

Thrush Holmes Empire, 1093 Queen St. West

Thrush Holmes Empire

Every Million Golden Universe

Thrush Holmes

Installation, Sculpture, Performance Art

The Thrush Holmes Empire presents a night of communal art production entitled Every Million Golden Universe. Herman Weiss, an alter ego of Thrush Holmes, will appear as a lost astronaut floating over the gallery entrance. Gallery walls will be converted into blackboard and there, with colored chalk in hand, the visitors will work together to create a map of the universe to help Herman Weiss find his way. This communal mapmaking is not intended to test the audiences' knowledge of the physical universe. Instead, the communally-crafted chart will be created based upon the participants' personal reference points, both known and intangible, local and infinite. In creating this map, visitors will record a reflection of their own universe. Local musicians and artists will collaborate with Thrush Holmes to create experimental space rock all night long.

Suitable for all ages