Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone C Independent Project

TSA, LLBQ, 2011
LeVack Block
88 Ossington Avenue
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Toronto School of Art

The Life Long Burning Question Project

Stephanie Cormier - Toronto, Canada
Camille Turner - Toronto, Canada
TSA Students - Various

Installation, Visual Art

TSA will randomly mail postcards requesting they be returned with a "Life Long Burning Question". The postcards will be displayed at a mock postal outlet. Visitors may choose to answer questions and return the postcards to the sender, some may also choose to leave a question creating an ongoing dialogue throughout the evening. This project hopes to bring awareness to human connection, interactions and community with an end result gift of a postcard. TSA will also host an all-night life drawing session. An enlargement of a landscape from a selection of the postcards will supply an immersive environment for life models to position themselves in. With its existential theme, the aim of the Life Long Burning Question is to cross paths with a sympathetic and altruistic purpose.

Suitable for all ages