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Zone C Independent Project

Two Gullivers, SLEEP, 2009, Performance/Installation
Photo: Courtesy of the Artists
Loop Gallery
1273 Dundas Street West
416- 516-2581
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The Two Gullivers


Flutura Haxhillari - Montreal, Canada
Besnik Haxhillari - Montreal, Canada

Performance Art

The Gullivers will kick off their exhibition at Loop Gallery with a slumber party performance.  Members of the public are invited into a bedroom made of transparent, plastic walls. Visitors can join them by taking part in various improvised drawing lessons and other 'surprises' borrowed from performance art history. Sleeping, dreaming, family and intimacy are themes that relate to the artists 'twin' identity as a performance couple. This project will tap into their spontaneous image-making process by inviting visitors to exchange their thoughts on paper as they draw, erase or add to each other's work. The collected drawings will form a disjointed dream narrative, which will become visual cues for their future performances.

Suitable for all ages