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Zone C Independent Project

Evan Tapper, Listening Portrait Booth
600 King Street West
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The Spoke Club & Evan Tapper

Listening Portrait Booth

Evan Tapper - Toronto, Canada

Performance Art

An interactive performance and site-specific installation located in the alleyway adjacent to The Spoke Club. The artist has been drawing portraits of people for over 20 years and what fascinates him is not the image on paper, but the intimate space between the artist and subject. How the subject views themselves can be immediately seen in how they look at the artist, the pose they take, and the stories they tell during the course of the sitting. The standard portrait only reveals a representation of the physical. Although abstraction and subjectivity are certainly possible, most people want the portrait to resemble an idealized version of themselves. Removing the limitation of the physical referent, allows the artist to reveal the intimacy of their conversation with the subject and explore the social dynamics of human complexity.

Suitable for all ages