Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone C Independent Project

Rich Aucoin, Live Performance
1150 Queen Street West
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The Drake Hotel


Group Exhibition

Installation, Performance Art, Video Installation, Multimedia Installation

Explore art, spectacle and performance with FUN HOUSE and revel in a little sensory overload with three interconnected works on the facade of the building and performances inside.

Sean Rooney – builds balloon sculptures that can only be described as epic. Over 20ft long and stretching across Drake’s façade, don’t miss his site-specific figure composed of thousands of balloons.

Everything is Terrible! –With a wry wit and an eye for richly layered visuals, this Chicago-based video collective will provide a window into the mind of Rooney’s balloon figure.

Elicser – In an installation of layered paintings and surreal architectural elements, Elicser’s work will unify the outdoor installations.

Inside take in some amazing performances including Gobble Gobble, Metro Area and more!


Suitable for all ages