Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone C Independent Project

Sensitive Men Cooperative, Sensational
Royal Bank Plaza, South Tower Lobby
200 Bay Street
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Sensitive Men Cooperative


Herwig Gayer - Toronto, Canada
John Scully - Toronto, Canada
Albert Tan - Toronto, Canada
George Foussias - Toronto, Canada
Sean Wakfer - Toronto, Canada
John Beebe - Toronto, Canada
Sensitive Men Cooperative - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Multimedia Sensory Installation

The sense of adventure will draw you in to the Sensorium, a place where common sense prevails; envision a group experience of sensory awareness. And yet, it is an awareness of self that will bring memories to the fore. It may touch a nerve, but reminders will be served. Of what? It might be love, or loss. Laughter, or longing. Perhaps, just allow the reverberations to run their course through the body. A heady scent of nostalgia will hang in the air, heightening the senses; above all, savour the moment. Oh, and bring home a souvenir.

Have you ever seen anything like this before? No.

And yes.

Don’t you remember?

Suitable for all ages