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Zone C Independent Project

Robin Pacific, A Black Tie Affair, 2011
Wonderworks Book Store / Fleishman Gallery
79 Harbord Street
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Robin Pacific

A Black Tie Affair

Robin Pacific - Toronto, Canada

Multimedia Installation

In a “white night”, a night of insomnia, of tortured thoughts and unresolvable conundrums, A Black Tie Affair uses archetypal symbols and music to console and comfort.

300 men’s neckties, sewn together and painted black, cascade from the ceiling; 18 golden bowls filled with red wine are placed on the floor.

Every half hour a singer in a red dress performs classical and spiritual songs.

Black ties are a masculine symbol; white muslin a feminine. The golden bowls are soulful vessels; the red wine has sacramental overtones.  The music will create an aural sanctuary.

Suitable for all ages