Zone C Independent Project

Pixel - Immersive Art Gallery, 156 Augusta Ave.

Pixel - Immersive Art Gallery

The Artillerist

Group Exhibition

Immersive Installation

The interactive, satirical use of guns that make art - not war! Artillerist is an immersive multi-projection-based installation which involves networking a series of Wii controllers embedded in fake plastic toy guns enabling visitors to use them as a series of customized 'brushes' to digitally paint on ornate hanging canvases within the gallery space. Artillerist features multiple audience-controlled interactive brushes - designed by the artists - that gives audience participants the chance to take original artworks created by the artists and re-appropriate them for their own digital painting experience. Exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to output a hi res 11x17 print based on their composition. Each piece will also be added to a Flickr gallery compiling and documenting the full body of work created by gallery visitors.

Suitable for all ages