Zone C Independent Project

Workman Arts entrance, 1001 Queen Street West

Workman Arts / Trinity Square Video


Group Exhibition

Performance Art, Multimedia Installation

Every hour "ON THE HOUR", a leader in the arts community will host a full-on talk show featuring artists and their work. Everything will be projected larger than life on two screens. "ON THE HOUR" is an event where artists and the audience can interact and socialize together. The site will be transformed into one of the swankiest talk show sets around and be the envy of any talk show host out there.

After midnight, “ON THE HOUR” will shift into its second phase. The public will be encouraged to download the photos they took at the various zones to our computer. The photos will then be projected onto our huge screens. The result will be a spontaneous and lively slide show accompanied by a soundscape. The perfect way to relax in the craziness of the evening.

Suitable for all ages