Zone C Independent Project

Toronto Arts Council Foundation, 141 Bathurst St

Toronto Arts Council Foundation

A 35 Step Program

Alda Escareño, Erin Faye Jasuira, Dave Knox, Ronald Ruiz, Caitlyn Terry, Cerelia Tsui, Mike Walchuk

Installation, Visual Art, Intervention

It’s Toronto Arts Council’s 35th anniversary in 2009, giving us the opportunity to celebrate the importance of arts to Toronto. Using a series of 35 signs dispersed throughout Zone C, this guerilla intervention invites you to reDiscover your city as you encounter & interact with each installation. Designed by emerging visual artists, the election-style signs act as call to actions, offering instructions written by members of the city's arts community at large. They encourage you to undertake an art-related act, leading you one step further to discovering how fun & easy it is to experience the arts. Whether you seek out these signs or stumble upon them during your exploration, each installation will embody a mini intervention demonstrating the vibrant diveristy of Toronto arts. Take part in this “campaign for participation” & enrol in our 35 step program.

Suitable for all ages