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Design by: Zab Design & Typography, LEITMOTIF, 2011
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1303 Queen Street West
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Parkdale Village BIA

LEITMOTIF : Experiments in Public Space

Cecilia Berkovic - Toronto, Canada
Lee Blalock - Chicago, USA
Amanda Browder - New York City, USA
Shannon Cochrane - Toronto, Canada
Alexandre David - Montreal, Canada
Patricio Davila - Toronto, Canada
Dan McCafferty - Toronto, Canada
Berenicci Hershorn - Toronto, Canada
Nick Hutcheson - Toronto, Canada
Mara Marxt - Montreal, Canada
Eva Schindling - Toronto, Canada
Kelly Jazvac - London, Canada
Caroline Langill - Peterborough, Canada
Gord Langill - Peterborough, Canada
Johnson Ngo - Toronto, Canada
Luke Painter - Toronto, Canada
Lynne Heller - Toronto, Canada
Lee Henderson - Toronto, Canada
Marcia Vaitsman - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tamara Platiša - Virovitica, Yugoslavia
Saša Rajšic - Karlovac, Yugoslavia
Ryan Livingstone - Fredericton, Canada
Exhibit Change - Toronto, Canada
Digital Futures Initiative at OCAD - Toronto, Canada
The Toronto Alliance of Art Critics (TAAC) - Toronto, Canada
Quality Slippers - Toronto, Canada

Installation, Sculpture, Visual Art, Performance Art, Sound Installation, Video Installation, Light Installation, Multimedia Installation

LEITMOTIF is a series of projects which will unfold discursively throughout the Parkdale Village revealing a variety of visual, tactile, and aural experiences. The projects will affect the viewers' subconscious on multiple levels, revealing new gestures of the imagination and creating the ultimate sensation of déjà vu. 

LEITMOTIF guides the artists and communities of Parkdale through interactive works and site-specific engagements involving the following overarching thematic concepts:

Cubes, Cohesions, Manifestations, Associations, and Dioramas

Throughout the night, viewers can engage with live and unexpected project updates through Twitter.

Conceptualized and Curated by Stuart Keeler.

Suitable for all ages