Zone C Independent Project

the knit cafe, 1050 Queen St. West

the knit cafe

Knit City

Kristin Ledgett, Iwona Gontarska

Installation, Sculpture

“Knit City” is an intimate look at our city. Toronto is made miniature, and entirely from yarn. Buildings are created from stitches not bricks; knitting not cement mixers. The creators give favour to their personal haunts and stomping grounds. Honest Ed’s may be included, but so are local markers like the Gladstone Hotel and Trinity Bellwoods Park, complete with albino squirrels.

Not wanting to be exclusive “Knit City” invites contributions. Guests are invited to add their own pieces of Toronto to the installation. Hosts, The Knit Café, will provide crayons and paper as vehicles for the additions. Over the night mini Toronto will grow from modest Hogtown to sprawling GTA.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. “Knit City” was conceived as a tribute to Toronto, and what makes it a warm and fuzzy place to live.

Suitable for all ages