Zone C Independent Project

Trinity Bellwoods Park, 790 Queen Street West
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Swizzle Studio

Fake ID

Rob Elliott


Fake ID is participatory installation which encourages a discussion of shared experiences of rebellion and the erosion of liminal space. Members of the public will be encouraged to take their place in front of an enormous driver's license and have a friend take their photo. Swizzle staffers will offer a kit with instructions for making fake ID cards from their digital photographs. Fake ID asks if shared acts of rebellion are really acts of rebellion, and whether a fake is better than the real thing, as it carries the cachet of rebellion. Today, bar codes and holograms have become the norm, so the idea of this fake ID having any use is laughable. However, if printed and pocketed, Fake ID can transport the bearer to a not so distant past when a person could disappear, cross borders or even change identities with relative ease.

Parental guidance advised