Zone C Independent Project

galleryDK, 1332 Queen Street West

DK Photo Group

Silent Witness

Russell Brohier, Sean Galbraith, Steve Jacobs, Laurin Jeffrey, Mathew Merrett

Multimedia Installation

We prowl the areas where most will not go. We do this to bring back the images that we feel we must share with the world. We want others to be able to see what we have seen, what others do not want you to see. The rot, the neglect, the careless abandonment. Some would just bulldoze them into the earth, forever burying their stories.

Societies create societal memories and history through their architecture. But these spaces do not stop telling stories simply because that same society shutters them away and asks itself to stop listening. DKPG unveils the isolation, desolation, and beauty found in unexpected places. Beyond the NO TRESPASSING signs. Beyond the fences and barbed wire into a world of abandonment and society's architectural refuse.

Suitable for all ages