Zone C Independent Project

Dominion Parking Lot, 100 Lynn Williams Street


Danny Shaddick, Rodrigo Marti

Sound Installation, Multimedia Installation

This installation invites visiting flâneurs to perform a dérive through a forest of tall bubble-wrapped boxes while interacting with audio wormholes. The boxes depict monotonous packages of architecture that generate the types of voids found in Liberty Village and throughout Toronto. Four sets of microphone and speaker connections are hidden within the boxes, challenging visitors to identify the pairings. Participants will hear their own voices distorted in playback, mixed with rustling gravel and sneezes from unexpected corners. The gradual layering of playback will produce chance combinations of speech and sound, juxtaposing randomly to form new meanings, like the spatial accidents of the city. This installation produces a sonic urbanity within a bubble-wrapped simulacrum of the high-rise metropolis.

Suitable for all ages

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