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Dance Ontario, 55 Mill Street
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Distillery District - Dance Ontario

Dancing The Distillery District

Group Exhibition

Performance Art

Following its success in 2007, Dance Ontario’s second dusk til dawn Nuit Blanche excursion will highlight the edgy, urban talents of Octamerous who have been commissioned to create an original site-specific movement and sound performance featuring the next wave of the city’s most innovative dancers and vocalists within a multi-channel soundscape created by Chris Willes. Issues of time dissolve as travelling dances trace different paths across the site and explorations merge the Distillery’s storied past with its present revitalization. Performers Amanda Acorn, Masuyo Higashide, Emily Law, Julia Male, Brodie Stevenson, Robin Dann, Thom Gill, Charlotte Mundy, Alex Samaras and Willes will draw from the physical history of the Distillery District, in a riveting and revealing work that travels throughout the entire site.

Suitable for all ages