Zone B Independent Project

Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley Street

Alumnae Theatre Company

Nessun Dorma (No One Sleeps)

Members of the Alumnae Theatre Company

Theatrical Performance

Join the ladies of Alumnae Theatre, one of Toronto’s best kept secrets, for an evening, night and early morning of entertainment built around the theme Nessun Dorma (No One Sleeps). Inside and outside of our historic building will be a revolving series of short plays and music celebrating the people who live and work while the rest of us sleep: nurses, cops, prostitutes, bartenders and taxi drivers, among many others. But, true to form, we want to do even more so here’s our invitation to you: bring us a (short) script featuring one or two characters and our actors and directors will stage it for you right then and there. Every piece that we present will explore why people are compelled to stay up all night: is it worry, insomnia, work (see above), or is it a crisis? Or maybe it’s because they’re participating in a crazy, all-night, urban event…

Parental guidance advised