Zone B Independent Project

401 Richmond , 401 Richmond St. West
416 504 7910

401 Richmond - Toronto School of Art

somnium infantem somniare

Yoko Nomura and TSA students

Installation, Sculpture, Visual Art, Multimedia Installation

Tonight is a time for dreaming and changing seasons when we put away our memories of summer and get ready for winter. As we grow, we try to make sense of dreams and imagination reducing everything to reason. They don’t have to make sense when we sleep, why should they have to make sense when we are awake? This installation encourages people to dream like babies. A mobile hangs from above and rotates. Hanging from the device are unusual objects to promote this dreaming. Get inside the circle, sit or lie down and look around at these objects. Three ideas are represented in this installation. The first, dreams and imagination don’t have to make sense; the second is safety and peace: it’s a safe place inside the circle; the third is eternity, the circular motion and the circle of life, we can be babies again.

Suitable for all ages