Zone B Independent Project

Urbanspace Gallery, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 119

401 Richmond - The Canadian Drawing Team

Draw-A-Thon From Dusk Till Drawn

Marc Bell, Mark Connery, Steph Davidson, Jason Kirkpatrick, Jason McLean, Courtney McLeod, Jennifer Robertson, Peter Thompson, Julie Voyce & Kelly Marie Wilson

All-night drawing marathon

The Canadian Drawing Team regroups all night for a rare display of fresh collabos brought to you live from some of Canada's world wide Olympic-level competitors. Training for this mammoth master drawing mega jam has had each participant up at the crack of dawn swallowing raw eggs and pushing pencils in order to be in top form for their adoring fans. Delighted smiles of inspirational bedazzlement shall be had for those who choose to witness this all-night monster collabo-drawing session. Peter Thompson promises to shape shift into a paper lamp in order to accent Courtney McLeod's hand drawn couch.

Parental guidance advised