Zone B Independent Project

Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini, 55 Mill Street, Pure Spirits Building 62

Distillery District - Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini

Aesthetic Comfort

Ryan McGinness, Nicholas & Sheila Pye

Installation, Video Installation, Multimedia Installation

Ryan McGinness works occupy the stylish space where art and graphic design collide. Influenced by Andy Warhol and digital technologies with traditional crafts like silk screening and painting, McGinness has had solo shows and museum exhibitions around the world. Known for his slick, flat, colourful works made up of swirling worlds of recognizable icons, his rebus-like paintings spill off their canvases and climb the walls. These works are part of a series appearing simultaneously at the Cincinnati Art Museum and to be accompanied by a limited edition artist book published by Arkitip.

Also featured is a video installation by Toronto artists Nicholas and Sheila Pye developed on their recent six-month artist residency in Austria. Their body of work explores the outdated, societal boundaries of gender, familial and marital roles.

Suitable for all ages