Zone B Independent Project

PROOF Studio Gallery, 55 Mill St., Bldg 74, Studio 104, Casegoods Warehouse

Distillery District - PROOF Studio Gallery


Sheila Jonah, John Drajewicz & Group

Visual Art, Video Installation, Interactive Digital Photobooth

Secrets define the most intimate sides of our personalities. Sides we are not prepared to plainly reveal to everyone. Yet artists are inexplicably driven to refer to their secrets in their artworks, employing a range of devious techniques. "PROOF of SECRET" is an exhibition of prints and photographs, that will take viewers on a journey of secrets displayed, encoded, partially revealed or intentionally obscured. As well as the artwork on the walls, there will be a digital Photobooth where visitors can take their own SECRET portraits. Once they approve of their portraits, immediately on view inside the booth, they can email them to friends and SECRET admirers. If they wish, they can include their portraits in a looping, video slide-show on display in the gallery. The last piece of art a visitor sees may be their own contribution to the PROOF of SECRETS.

Parental guidance advised