Zone B Independent Project

Balzac's Cafe, Casegoods Warehouse, 55 Mill Street, building 60 and 74

Distillery District - Octopus Project


Group Exhibition

Sculpture, Performance Art, Multimedia Installation

The Octopus Project’s bi-monthly art series gathers 100 artists to showcase new work in various media on the theme of “Secrets” in the halls of the Case Goods Warehouse and Balzac’s Café;. As an extension of the Project, visitors of the Case Goods Warehouse will participate in a growing installation of floating, white balloons, writing their secrets on cards and placing them anonymously in a box. Throughout the evening the cards will be attached to balloons and released up to the ceiling, filling the space, and hanging just high enough for visitors to read the secrets. Participants can also select a secret from the box and read it into a telephone. In the freight elevator, surrounded by the sounds of whispers, riders can pick up a second phone to listen to the secrets being shared.

Parental guidance advised