Zone B Independent Project

Le Laboratoire d'art (LE LABO), 55 Mill St., Cannery building #58, suite 317

Distillery District - Le Laboratoire d'art (LE LABO)


Group Exhibition

Multimedia Installation

Le Labo presents Méta_labo, a residency and training project organized in collaboration with the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT). Ryan Stec, Ottawa (with Véronique Couillard, Ottawa) and Jan Pienkowski, Montréal exhange sound and images they create, modify, and assemble to draw up an immersive installation. Working in dialogue and experimentation, the artists put movement and transformation in the center of their creative process, as well as in the form of the piece. This installation will be presented to the public all night on Nuit Blanche. 9pm-11pm: Live peformance by Stec and Pienkowski. Both artists work with the sounds and images composing the piece. A fiesta of deconstruction, combinaison, and possible meanings.

Suitable for all ages