Zone B Independent Project

DISH GALLERY + STUDIO, 55 Mill St., Case Goods Warehouse Bldg 74, Studio 112
416.603.DISH (3474)

Distillery District - DISH GALLERY + STUDIO

Secrets of the Disc

Barbara Banfield, Eden Bender, Celia Zveibil Brandao, Susan Card, Shu Chen Cheng, Derek Chung, Judy Donaldson, Karen Franzen, Judith Graham, Deborah Johnston, Gabrielle Kauffman, Irit Lepkin, Lesley McInally, Gerri Orwin, Cory Pinassi, Barbara Rose, Linda Rosen, Margaux Smith, Brenda Sullivan, Robert Tetu, Wendy Vervoort, Catherine Weir.

Sculpture, Multimedia Installation, Ceramics

Ceramic artists (23) will collaborate in an interactive public art exhibition. Combining secrets with the clay medium was inspired by the 4000 year old “Phaistos Disk”, a Minoan clay treasure, unearthed in 1908 Crete, but never deciphered. Motivated by the historic disk and contemporary CD /DVD discs, carriers of “mysterious” electronic information, ceramists will embed secret messages in CLAY DISCS. Visitors will make charcoal rubbings of the discs on paper to de-code them. DISH Gallery + Studio will mount the rubbings as a group exhibition. Other works by ceramists exhibiting secret-bearing discs will be available at the gallery. See “wheel throwing” or create your own Secret Disc with your secret coded message in a ball of clay. Take it home, squish it to protect your secret, or have it kiln-fired for permanence.

Suitable for all ages