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401 Richmond - Friends of Charles Katz

Bar Mitzvah Machine

Charles Katz

Multimedia Installation

The Bar Mitzvah Machine is the brainchild of the late Toronto artist Charles Katz. Like many creative people, Charles had dyslexia, and as a result he never completed his Bar Mitzvah. Using the photo booth model, Charles thought he could create a machine that would solve this problem, allow him to become a man and have his Bar Mitzvah. And everyone else could too.

The Bar Mitzvah Machine is not a statement on religion or belief – it is a playful solution to obstacles and barriers – through a clever, never irreverent point of view that is not without a subtle sense of irony. Through this machine, Charles Katz’s point of view can be shared with everyone - and his friends will know he has had the last laugh.

Suitable for all ages