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Zone B Independent Project

Yayo Tavolara, Aseptic Profile, 2010, Video Installation
Dominion Modern Gallery
School of Design at George Brown College, 230 Richmond Street East
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Yayo Tavolara

Aseptic Profile

Yayo Tavolara - Washington DC, USA

Video Installation

By looking into unknown spaces, we can get to know more about ourselves.

Aseptic Profile is a video installation that allows one to explore by looking inside a pit-form brick construction the emotion of psychological tensions. An interpretation of the strain that opposes power and protection against human values and rights is represented, by using a screening of three different videos simultaneously with imagery inspired by airport security gate control elements, such as the blue rubber gloves, RX scanner and images of a female face and body.

Impersonal gloved hands represent the violation of private spaces. The invasive scan of the RX is the depiction of an intrusive controlling action and, the enclosed body is the symbol of daily life tension, under any kind of controlled systems where freedom and self-development as human rights are hindered.

Suitable for all ages