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Zone B Independent Project

Schools of Interior Design, Radio and Television Arts, and Theatre, Egerton Falls, 2011, Multimedia Installation
Lake Devo
Victoria Street and Gould Street
416 979-5000 ext. 2726
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Ryerson University - Schools of Interior Design, Radio and Television Arts and Theatre

Egerton Falls

Sholem Dolgoy - Toronto,Canada
Annick Mitchell - Toronto, Canada
Michael J. Murphy - Toronto, Canada

Multimedia Installation

For one glorious evening, Ryerson University's Lake Devo becomes the imaginative Egerton Falls. With the use of interactive video projection technology, existing rock and water formations in the lake are transformed into a life-like Falls.  

Complemented by misty water formations and life-like sounds, Egerton Falls creates a place of serenity and awe on the university campus. Visitors might also have the opportunity to glimpse some of the daredevils who attempted to conquer the falls in their historic barrels. 

Pandora's Box technology which allows multiple projections controlled via motion, music, and other inputs will be used. Ultra high video of Niagara Falls will be used for the water projection.


Suitable for all ages