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Zone B Independent Project

Gravity Wave, Observer FX, 2011
Rogers Communications Centre
80 Gould Street
416-979-5000 ext. 2726
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Ryerson University - School of Radio and Television Arts

Observer FX

Gravity Wave - Toronto, Canada

Performance Art, Multimedia Installation

Visitors take part in performance art when live artists & digital processors incorporate visitor participation into a live audio-visual performance. Each experience will become a unique interaction with sound and light.

This large-scale installation is what the onlooker makes of it. The sounds they make, how fast they are walking - everything they do within the confines of the cavernous lobby will change the audiovisual experience. Designed with the principle of the observer effect in mind, the display draws inspiration from the concept of an observer actively affecting the phenomenon being observed.

The artists of this installation will incorporate the multiple elements 'submitted' by audience members including photographs, audio, video, and text into live audio-visual performances produced by the artists themselves.

Parental guidance advised