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Zone B Independent Project

David Bouchard, School of Image Arts, Reeds, 2010, Video and Light Installation
245 Church Street
416-979-5000 ext. 2726
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Ryerson University - Faculty of Communication & Design & School of Image Arts


David Bouchard - Toronto, Canada

Video and Light Installation

Reeds is a video projection in which abstract geometric light reeds are animated as if blown by an invisible wind. The movement of the reeds is generated in real time by an algorithmic process inspired by the soothing, rhythmic movements found in nature.

Evolving slowing and at random, the movements create an ever changing and complex choreography - transforming a series of windows at ground level into a whimsical and playful space. 

Although essentially non-interactive by design, the reeds sometimes appear to be responsive to a viewer's movement. in fact the opposite is taking place: as the reeds' motion draws the viewer in, it instinctively causes viewers to respond by mimicking the reeds' behaviour, rather than the other way around.

Suitable for all ages