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Zone B Independent Project

Department of Architectural Science, Cirrus, 2011
Photo: Andrew Sit / boldface
55 Gould Street
416 979-5000 ext. 2726
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Ryerson University - Department of Architectural Science


Tricia Arabian - Toronto, Canada
Marcella Au - Toronto, Canada
Sebastion Law - Toronto, Canada
Mitchell Law - Toronto, Canada
Jessica Stanford - Toronto, Canada
Michael Suriano - Toronto, Canada
Razmig Titizian - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Created by seven fourth-year architectural science students for their final course project in Digital Tools, this dynamic piece is tied to the actions of the people who walk under it and occupy its space. 

Visitors of Cirrus will have the opportunity to manipulate the angle and formation of this interactive representation of atmospheric clouds. Suspended on an overhead metal frame in a downtown campus alleyway, a series of minute acryllic tubes attached to a fabric membrane allow the visitor to adjust the horizontal plane of Cirrus and distort the shape of the membrane itself.

Lit from above, Cirrus appears as a glowing plane of crystalline light and is a spectacle to be observed.

Suitable for all ages