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Zone B Independent Project

Philippe Blanchard, Cave Rave, 2009
100 McCaul Street
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OCAD University

Future Forward

Philippe Blanchard - Toronto, Canada
Louise Noguchi - Toronto, Canada
Kelly Richardson - United Kingdom
H2.0 Collective - Toronto, Canada

Installation, Sculpture, Video Installation, Multimedia Installation

OCAD University celebrates its 135th anniversary by looking backward into the future. Poised to nurture creative thinkers with a forward-thinking outlook, they commemorate that visionary spirit by reflecting on what was and what could be.

The installations in this group exhibition reclaim an imaginative realm once reserved for fantasy as they negotiate technology's integration into the fabric of society. These sci-fi and cinematic propositions of an imagined future investigate the permeable boundaries between nature and technology, myth and tool, history and potential. What will tomorrow bring: techno lust or future shock?

Suitable for all ages