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Jean-François Bouchard, Jenny, 2009, Photography
Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Yonge Street, south of Gerrard Street
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Jean-François Bouchard

Still Life

Jean-François Bouchard - Montreal, Canada

Photography Installation

This large scale photo installation explores the relationships between individuals that go beyond sexuality, with erotic, realistically vibrant dolls. Treated like real spouses, these dolls are becoming a part of the emotional life for a growing number of men. The large-scale colour images of these latex beings are accompanied with quotes from their owners.

Every quote included in these works is authentic. It is through his journalistic and conceptual approach that Bouchard brings to light the members of this underground community. Self-identified as "iDollators," this group uses the internet as their main form of communication, where they exchange information, both technical and romantic with other members.

Parental guidance advised