Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Broken Symmetry Collective, The Start of Something, 2011, Installation, Sculpture
Ted Rogers School of Management
55 Dundas Street West
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Broken Symmetry Collective

Temporary Investments

Dave Valliere - Toronto, Canada

Installation & Sculpture

This project examines the transient nature of experience within an institutional context by challenging visitors to play and to co-create under the marquee of Canada's largest management school. This is a participative sculptural event where visitors can create their own simple elements and contribute them to the collective scene.

The cumulative work slowly unfolds as dawn approaches, but it has a catch to it - one which forces visitors to confront their attachment to their creations, and to reflect on the destruction inherent in all creation and the transience of our collectively created social meaning beyond this one night of artistic experimentation. Come experience hands-on sculpture, cumulative creation, realtime video displays, and the premiere of an original soundtrack.

Suitable for all ages