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Distillery District - Arta Gallery

On the Edge of Reality

Bedriska Uzdilova

Visual Art

Arta Gallery is proud to present for the first time in Canada, a solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed artist Bedriska Uzdilova. As a graduate from the Prague Academy of Graphic Arts as well as University of Paris, she received first prize at the Autumn Saloon in Paris, and first prize at the International Fair at Forte dei Marmi in Italy when she was only nine years old. Her paintings are real and based upon real impressions, experiences, and upon viewing non- typical parts of landscapes and human faces and everything that forms the natural art of our environment.

The viewer will be invited to decipher what is on the surface of everyday life. The paintings are artistically attractive with brisk color combinations, variability of lines and suggestive compositions. Her work is linked up with the French and Czech "Classical Modern Arts".

Suitable for all ages