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Kinsman Robinson Galleries, 108 Cumberland St.

Kinsman Robinson Galleries


Norval Morrisseau

Visual Art

Art connects all people. Norval Morrisseau strongly believed in this notion and he explored it throughout his career. By interpreting Ojibwa legends, Morrisseau depicted all levels of human existence. His paintings challenge viewers to look beyond themselves and their immediate surroundings into the realm of spiritual or astral worlds. Morrisseau transcended religion for spiritualism, he transcended the body for the spirit, the world for the infinite universe and ultimately oneness for wholeness. He turned literal translations of figurative ideas into powerful icons. This exhibition includes never-before-seen murals depicting Morrisseau's personal experiences and out-of-body travels to alternate worlds. Viewers might experience a spiritual awakening by taking in the sheer size, complexity, symbolism and "healing" colours in these magnificent artworks.

Suitable for all ages