Zone A Independent Project

Spadina Museum, 285 Spadina Road Toronto
416-392-6910 / 416-392-6910 x304

Artist Cooperative of Canada

The Sounds of Shadows

Elizabeth Greisman, Frith Bail, Alina Lloyd, Gloria Stein, Ximena Berecochea

Installation, Sculpture, Photography

Five women working in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and installation art comprise the Artist Cooperative of Canada. Elizabeth Greisman, Alina Lloyd, Frith Bail, Ximena Berecochea and Gloria Stein will showcase the Sounds of Shadows for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche at Spadina Museum.

The show will portray an interpretation of nature themes and the role of women at Spadina around the gardens and house historically. A pathway will be provided to guide the viewer around the grounds and gardens of Spadina Museum. Moonlight and lighting will illuminate the focal points in the exhibit.

The intent of the Sounds of Shadows will be to bring into focus the past of Spadina Museum and link it to the present time.

Parental guidance advised