Zone A Independent Project

St Patrick's Market Square, NE of Queen St. W & John St.

Ultra Lime Arts

Cocoon Garden

Jonathan Hlibka, Margaret Krawecka, Heather Shute, Chris Mutton

Sculpture, Multimedia Installation

The caterpillars of consumer propaganda have swarmed St Patrick's Market Square. They have hung and spun themselves massive cocoons. These disposable facades pulsate with light and chirp slogans rhythmically throughout the night.

Welcome to the mythical land of the Cocoon Garden.

The Ultra Lime Arts installation of “Cocoon Garden” puts the myth and iconography of the cocoon on a collision course with mass consumer culture. The installation will consist of 40 giant cocoons. The flow of the piece will encourage the audience to move throughout the installation. As the audience interacts with the cocoons environment, their perception of the visual space and the soundscape will change. The overall experience of “Cocoon Garden” will be aesthetically rewarding yet eerily unsettling.

Suitable for all ages