Zone A Independent Project

Church and Wellesley Village BIA, On Church Street, from Gloucester Street to Alexander Street

Toronto Nightless Collective

Ethereal Forest

Kristyn Wong-Tam, Jesse Dell, David Wootton, Jordan Sperdakos, Bridget Sinclair, Tina Fushell, Tracey Norman, Jennifer Robichaud, Fernando Escoto

Performance Art, Multimedia Installation

Every neighbourhood has a quieter story; a subtle history with curious characters. Known in the 1800s as Molly Wood's Bush, this area was mockingly named after the landowner, Alexander Wood. The phrase "molly" was a historical vernacular for a homosexual man. Through the mind's eye, we observe a once mighty forest above the Old Town of York. Gone today are the muddy undergrowth, the ancient trees and all natural inhabitants. They are banished to the concrete coffin underneath our feet. Under the gaze of a sleepless night, we awaken the historical richness from the subterranean. Artists will re-create an un-natural forest conceived with found objects. Imagine a street where trees grow stubbornly and awkwardly from asphalt bases. Brimming with life-force and animated by professional dancers, this is our re-telling of the ethereal forest.

Suitable for all ages