Zone A Independent Project

St. Thomas's Anglican Church, Huron Street, Toronto, 383 Huron Street

St. Thomas's Anglican Church, Huron Street, Toronto

Still and Still Moving

Erika Baempfer Deery - Artist, Larry Beckwith - Musician, Cantores Fabularum - Choir, Katie Curtin - Artist Playwright, Andrew Dunsmore - Musician, The Fantasia Salon - Spoken Word Performance Artists: Bill Kennedy, Maggie Helwig, Alixandra Bamford, a.rawlings, Stephen Cain, Willem Hart - Artist, Tsukiko Keogh - Installation Artist, Robin Kingsburgh - Artist, Steph. Pete - Artist, Toronto Masque Theatre - Musicians

Sculpture, Performance Art, Multimedia Installation

Contemporary visual artists, musicians and poets will create a multi-dimensional environment which explores themes of pilgrimage, grief, joy, faith, motherhood and life within the human journey. Interconnections between the various media will be used to establish the relation between the universal and the personal. The work will involve the formal church space of St. Thomas's, as well as the parish hall and outdoor urban garden space. Contemporary art will be juxtaposed with the formal architectural space. Images, sequences, and videos will be projected on a series of large screens on the walls of the church and directly into the space itself. Visitors will both observe and participate in various aspects of the installations. On their journey through "Still and Still Moving", visitors will have a chance to reflect on their own personal journey.

Suitable for all ages